YSSF Music Therapy event

Music Therapy with Turkish Musical modes.

under the direction of Dr. Osman Oksuzoglu

An Interactive workshop designed to explore the effects of Turkish makams on the human mind and body


Throughout human history,  man’s response to sound especially via music and rhythm goes beyond culture and geography. In the healing arts a long time ago, music played an important role, as a means of therapy for the afflicted. This was administered along with prescribed medicine especially during the Ottoman period.


Dr. Oksuzoglu is an esteemed international performer and teacher visiting from Turkey.

Date: Saturday July 18 2015    Time: 2-4 pm
$40 per person
Yoga Society of San Francisco  2872 Folsom Street, San Francisco

Open to all with or without any musical background. For further information please call

 707 778 6075 – Vasanti /Ammumma        

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