Vasanti Gopinath


Vasanti Gopinath Jayaswal

Master Teacher and Author, Vasanti came to the US in 1966 as a Cytologist but  shifted from scientific research to  teaching culture and spiritual heritage of India in the 70s. In addition to being trained in the classical dance traditions of India by her illustrious parents Guru Gopinath and Thankamani, she mastered Bharatanatyam and Karnatak Music.  In Los Angeles from 1980 to 2001 she directed  Kalamandiram  Academy of Arts in addition to serving as a consultant to many temples and Indian organizations.  Being an avid sadhak she received direct initiations in Vedanta, Kerala tantra vidya, Vajrayana Buddhism and the Kabbalah from many teachers. Since 2010 she has been passionately involved in Turkish tasavvuf  literature and music. Her site includes free online homestudy courses on selected texts.  She lives in Petaluma, California from where she continues to offer instruction and serves the community as a volunteer in several ongoing activities.

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