Birth Story of Yoga Therapy World Summit
It has been a dream for many years to make yoga therapy in every village and city of the world. A place where one can relax and and calm down their body mind and spirit and discover their own divine self full of health and happiness. Finally a team is forming to bring this into reality.

Who are we?
We are a team of students of yoga  from San Francisco Bay Area. If you like to know more please contact us by email:

How we work?
Our team’s vision is to make the world as a healthier and happier place and we want to use yoga therapy as a tool for the change.
We want to bring the change to the world, but we realized the change always starts from the self.  We want to create this framework to change our selves and also bring this to the world for a healthier and happier life. We want to see yoga therapy as a part of our normal life.  We believe that practicing yoga is more than asanas. The only way we can bring the change is by changing our life style. We are living in a very fast moving world, every one trying to be in the rat race.  We want to bring this mastery of body and mind to overcome our weaknesses and lead a healthier and happier and more meaningful life.