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Manavata (originally called Chaitanya Bharathi Youth Association) was founded on 19 October 1991 by Srinivasa Chowdary Alluri, a social activist, in Lolla, a remote village in the Godavari belt of the Andhra Pradesh state in South India. Sorrows, hunger, illness, premature death of children and the lack of direction to the young around him in rural India, motivated Srinivasa to ignite a movement that strove to eradicate these ills from the society. The SanskritHindu epic, Bhagavad-Gita, has had a great impact on his life and the teachings inspired him to tread the path of selfless service and to inculcate the philosophy into his life. Manavata, in Sanskrit means “Humanity”. The under riding philosophy of the Manavata group is ‘Humanity is our identity’. Manavata’s appeal lies in its simplified ideology – Perform Yoga (as a form of exercise) in the morning, eat food in its natural form with minimum artificial intervention, lead a disciplined life and follow timeliness and help the needy, is the way of life for a Manavata believer.