IAYT John Kepner.

IAYT John Kepner.

 John was a founding director of the renewed IAYT in 2003 and has been the executive director since 2004. He is a practicing Yoga teacher and therapist with a professional background in economics, finance, and non-profit management. John holds teacher and therapist certifications from the American Viniyoga Institute and a teaching certification from A.G. Mohan in Chennai, India. His work for IAYT and his writings often have an economic and public policy perspective. In recent years, John has focused on organizing IAYT’s practitioner and research conferences, developing educational standards for the training of Yoga therapists, providing accreditation services for programs that meet those standards, and, most recently, developing a structure and process to provide certification services for individuals.

Therapist Diploma American Viniyoga Institute 2003
Instructor Diploma American Viniyoga Institute 2000
Teaching Certificate Yoga and Ayurvedic Dietetics (A. G. Mohan in Chennai, India) 1997YOGA TEACHING AND THERAPIST EXPERIENCE
’97 – Present Yoga teacher and therapist. Private classes, group classes and workshops.ACADEMIC EDUCATION
MBA 1993 Millsaps College in Jackson, MS – Finance
MA 1981 University of Wisconsin at Madison – Economics
BA 1975 University of Texas at Austin – Plan II/Economics
Social/Volunteer Organizations
Ecumenical Buddhist Society of Little Rock
Arkansas Country Dance Society (Contra Dancing)

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