10 Reasons to practice Yoga

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Why we need yoga,

Yoga is one of the important finding of ancient sages of Himalayas, Yoga deal with body Mind and emotions of our life , but now there is a lot of different yoga, it again start confusing people according to Patanjali, Yoga is nothing but controlling  of your mind wandering, and direct that is to your ultimate goal of  the life.

there is 8 fold is  said in yoga, Yama Niyama Asana Pranayama Pratyahara, Dharana, Dyana Samadhi

self knowing and understanding the limits of self and following the communal pattern of life, take enough position of life and maintain it with breath and food, then you can reach a place where you start seeing your own powers, that lead to deeper meditation, then we can celebrate our life, taking care of body and maintaining your social conduct is the base of all the part of Yoga.

it is better all of us have a daily practice to our life , that lead to little bit easy life, creating a practice slowly implement a pattern to our life, most of the time we need a outsider to help you, can be called teacher, but practice only happens self, commitment is very needed for this

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